Bold Backers

These people have already invested in our community by becoming Bold Backers... you can join them... just click here and pay via a credit/debit card on paypal. Or hand a cheque to any of the committee members.

Adefowora Sofolam
Amit Desai
Anita Van Mil
Ann Atkins
Anne Magee and David Richards
Anthea Sheahan
Ashley Harrison and Sophie Robson
Bernadette Keane
Carl Poll (pledge)
Catherine and Phil Steinmann
Cherrill Hicks
Chris and Francesca
Clare Park
David Holloway
Dermot and Sigrun Reilly
Dorothea Carvalho
Dr Jacobs
Elizabeth (Wiz) Kelly
Eugene Silke
Frances Felgate
Guy Ware
Ian Wilson
Jackie Jolley and Martin Joyce
Jacqui Shimidzu
Jan Barker
Jane and Peter Tause
Jason Creasey and Kristina
Jeremy Palmer
Joan Millbank
Joanna and Andreas Hundelmayer
John and Tamara Burgess
John Hamilton
John Kelly
John Knepler
John Lunn
Jonet Dunmore
Judy Harrington
Julian Hewett
Kat Drake
Linda Jones
Lois Nutt
Maeve McAnallen
Marc Burrows
Margaret and Brian Cochrane /Fisher
Mary Stacey
Matthew Gibson
Maxine Ostwald and Phil Nice
Olivia Fuchs
Cllr Paul Bell
Paul and Margaret Booton
Paul Milnes
Philip and Jayne Bates
Philippa Beagley
Richard Bailey
Rosie Wyatt
Sam Starbuck
Samantha Hewson
Sandra Singer
Sara Scott
Sara Sharpen
Sara Willett
Sarah Wanendeya (pledge)
Shovlin family
Steve and Fi Carrick-Davies
Steve and Jenny Bunting
Steve Moore
Stuart Bell
Susan and Martin Edwards
Sylvestra Le Touzel Teale
Tania Rawle (pledge)
Thomas and Kate Keenes
Tim Burt
Timothy Aldridge
Val Garwood