Friday, 19 March 2010

Firelight and logos

Good to see lots of you at the Initiation event this week. The fire felt right and we were delighted to see some new faces - with and without instruments.

We also took the opportunity to vote on logos for Bold Vision. There were 3 contenders. I did hear a couple of people saying they didn't like any of them... as you may know we had an open competition for entries and this is what we got. The three options are

And the votes were (in same order as logos), 50%, 29%, 21%

We asked people at the event to tell us what they wished for in the space... here are some extracts...

  • to come and work here when I'm lonely
  • a space for people to come and offer what they have - open mic, poetry, jazz, African music
  • a place to meet old friends and make new friends
  • a happening place above all
  • fairtrade products, reasonable prices
  • may this space be an example of the spirit in each of us, manifest!

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