Monday, 19 July 2010

Your feedback...

We asked you to share your thoughts on our progress so far, and particularly some sample menus.... here's what you said.

On getting together
  • This is a VERY GOOD THING
  • Nice one mate, keep it coming
  • We should do Big Lunch every year (several people)
  • Regular craft market
  • Close this bit of the road permanently
  • Have monthly events eg West Indian food, South American... and close the road off
On The Hill Station :)
  • Very very very good initiative!!!
  • I will be here everyday no doubt!
  • Great idea
  • Great menu / nice winter menu / good brunch
  • I would eat all of these at any time but seasonal menu change is a really good idea
  • Glad you've got lots of veggie food
  • Great cakes!
Suggestions for The Hill Station
  • More creative interior (Ed: we're still working on it!)
  • Books to read / swap
  • Free wifi?? (several)
  • Toys for kids, play corner (several)
  • Sunday papers
  • BYOB or will you have a license?
  • Local art exhibition (Ed: see picture of the week wall space)
  • Live music (several)
  • Use local produce. Get veg from Green Shoots community garden. Keep fresh and local
  • Shorter menu with daily specials
On opening hours
  • stay open till late on a Friday - people will meat for a meal at the end of the week
  • it would be good if cafe could open some evenings 
  • what about Sundays being for private parties?
  • would love to bring the family for an evening meal - open one or two nights a week till 8pm?
Lots of food suggestions on the wish list
  • DRINKS: Homemade lemonade, macchiato, green tea, Builder's Grey tea (2 parts PG Tips and 1 part Earl Grey), hot milk and honey, decaff
  • SWEET FOOD: porridge, jam sandwiches, cheesecake, cookies, sorbet, ice cream, ice cream again, chocolate bars, chocolate mousse, hot choc fudge cake, home made muffins, banoffee pie, blueberry pancakes with bacon (!?), rhubarb crumble and custard, french toast and maple syrup, milk fingers, shortbread, fruit with yoghurt
  • SAVOURY FOOD: salads, different bread, cheese on toast, toast, bacon sandwich, pizza, bread sticks for kids, hearty soup + honey bread, all day breakfast, fish cakes and salad, quesadillas (flour tortillas), quesadillas (corn tortillas), goat's cheese and beetroot salad, burritos, bagels with cream cheese and smoked salmon, eggs benedict, smoked salmon and scrambled egg
  • SPECIALIST FOOD: vegan cake, vegan savoury, vegan beans and tofu, aduki beans as cottage pie, more vegan, low sugar veggie cakes, gluten free, gluten free again
On pricing
  • Drinks are a little expensive (several)
  • Cheaper dish of the day?
  • Prices just right / like the price / good prices
  • Too cheap?
  • Student discount?
  • Lovely menus but expensive. Could we have some simple healthy (cheaper) options like baked potatoes for those on a budget?
  • Children's sandwiches bit expensive. Pocket money priced for children in park
  • Focaccia only £3.50 in Canary Wharf

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