Thursday, 30 September 2010

Fundraising for Bold Vision


We were bored.  Eliza and Lucy (our big sisters) were making friendship bracelets.
Then Thea came down and announced that she wanted to do a street shop.
Then Lucy said ‘would you like us to give you some of the friendship bracelets we made?’
Then Gracie said ‘Should we go round to other peoples' houses for them to buy?’
So we went round selling them.
Then we went to Gracie’s house and Sylvestra  said 'would you like to sell these bamboo canes??’  So we did.
We managed to raise  £11.55. Not quite enough for a loo, but we did our best.

Grace xxxxxx      Thea xxxxxx          Jude xxxxxx
8yr                       8yr                       5yr

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